I can't remember ever feeling confident and was a very shy child, hiding behind my mother at social situations and feeling embarrassed if anyone asked me a question. My mother told me I would 'grow out of it', but all through my teenage years I was crippled with anxieties about fitting in and looking 'right', and was relieved to leave school and put those years behind me.

Unfortunately although the challenge of school life was no longer an issue, my lack of confidence was, and I finally plucked up the courage to seek help.

I have been seeing Judith at The Reach Approach for several months now and it is making a huge difference to how I feel....Her patience and kindness makes me feel I can tell her everything in my mind and she will really understand.

After years of feeling different I can accept myself as I am and not try to impress or pretend. As I approach my thirtieth birthday I feel optimistic that the next phase of my life is going to be the best. It is so good to like myself!

The guided meditations (especially Being The Best You Can Be and The Power of Choice) that I was encouraged to watch have been particularly life-changing. The voice of Easton Hamilton, the founder and Director of The Reach Approach, is so soothing and uplifting and has provided me with another resource that I have found invaluable. Anyone who may be interested, have a look at the website:

The Reach Approach