I want to thank Easton Hamilton at Reach for giving me my life back!

It's a dramatic statement but absolutely true that my life was unbearable when I met him...

My relationship with my wife was at breaking point, and I had turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. My family was afraid of my erratic behaviour as I was increasingly unpredictable and angry...

My wife leaving was the catalyst for seeking help.

Over the months Easton has helped me to see more clearly the truth of my position and helped me to face 'the demons within'. The pressure that my work had placed on me, and my lack of communicating my fears to my wife, had left me feeling helpless and alone. Alcohol propped me up and blurred the edges, but ultimately led to inner loathing and confusion.

Dismantling some of the unhelpful patterns of behaviour and creating a different mind set has taken patience, perseverance and practice on my part (something I learned from The Reach Approach - my favourite handout, The 3 Ps), and I feel, incredible empathy and knowledge from Easton!

I know I have much to be thankful for, and feel I have begun a journey that can sustain me through challenges ahead, but it will mean commitment to caring for myself and building solid foundations.

Thank you.

The Reach Approach