I'd like to thank you, Easton Hamilton, for changing my life, even though we have not met.

I began meditating last year and I feel as if The Reach Approach found me at my time of greatest need. I feel blessed and am full of gratitude for the wonderful work that you are doing.

Your voice is so soothing I felt so relaxed and transported to another time and space. There was such a sense of peace and clarity, both my body and mind felt calm. I've been practising now for nearly nine months and feel that I know you through the wisdom of your words and the kindness I feel in your voice. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely with us all. I've shared The Reach Approach with my family and friends. It will always be part of my life.

I was so inspired by your philosophy and approach that I also purchased your fabulous app, Happy Hints. I find the daily hints inspiring and I highly recommend this wonderful healing tool.

I have never felt so whole and focused!!! Thank you so much for helping me redirect my journey and ultimately fulfill

The Reach Approach