Dear Reach Approach,

I've only just started meditating and I have to say I really enjoy your guided meditations. What a wonderful variety you provide and all for free! I particularly like Asking for Nothing and I’m going to listen to this one often.

I suffer great pain due to MS and after doing the Asking for Nothing meditation, I felt some relief and also, more significantly I felt for the first time that I'm a person of great value and deserve compassion and kindness.

This is a surprising feeling because I don't generally have positive thoughts about myself and I am quite critical of myself too. So this was a very nice feeling. Thank you so much for your great videos.

I've discovered that the author and narrator of your meditations is Easton Hamilton. He has an amazing voice, so soothing and relaxing. I've found it really helpful on my journey. So, my personal thanks goes to you Easton and all at The Reach Approach.

Keep up the amazing work! For those who want to find out more, take a look at their great website:

The Reach Approach