I did not think that depression could happen to someone like me.

My life was on course...I was a successful businessman earning a good salary with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. We enjoyed a great standard of living and lived in a very desirable house in a nice area.

Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, I felt anxious about going to work, and the anxiety did not go away. It got worse and worse until I was suffering full-blown panic attacks and my doctor signed me off work with depression.

It was at this point that I was introduced through a friend to a therapist at The Reach Approach. Seeing Judith has been life-changing. I have come to realise that our bodies and minds only have the capacity to do so much.

When we give them both all the nourishment they need they will work tirelessly on our behalf, but there are limits.

I did not replenish my body or mind with the nutrients, water, oil, sleep or thought processes that could have revitalized and supported me.

I have learnt to rebalance my life and look after myself in order to look after everything else.

Thank you Judith for your patient guidance.

The Reach Approach