I was introduced to 'Reach' by a friend and was a bit apprehensive about talking to a complete stranger about my problems. However Jo put me at ease straightaway with her calm and warm personality, and I found myself talking non-stop for an hour!

I had not realised how much I needed a safe place to talk through my issues and in the months that followed that first session I came to really value that reflective space.

Through my sessions with Jo I was able to see how the patterns of thinking in my younger years had become entrenched and were still driving my behaviour. It seems obvious looking back, but my' blind spot' did not allow me to see how the negative unchallenged loop of my thinking was sabotaging everything.

Over the years I just accepted that what I was thinking about myself was the truth. I had never challenged the messages received by my peers or significant others and it was liberating to see how these perceptions were being filtered through a very narrow lens!

It took months of thoughtful processing and on-going 're-programming' of my sub conscious thinking to alter my limited beliefs.

The journey is not yet over. I still have much to learn about myself and others, Yet starting this process has helped me see there are unlimited possibilities through learning more about myself. I will be eternally grateful to Jo and The Reach Approach.

The Reach Approach