I would like to recommend an inspiring and beautiful web site I have worked in mental health for almost two decades, in connection with addiction, abuse, depression, bereavement, anger and more. The Reach Approach is holistic, looking at all areas of our lives, showing us how interwoven every part is and how each area either supports or undermines another.

It emphasises compassion, understanding and patience. It explains how collaboration between the mind and body is what is needed for an uplifted spirit.

The Reach Approach shows us that a happier and more fulfilled and self-respecting life is attainable and offers evidence, varying expert opinions, strategies and real material for sustainable self-help. There is a huge choice of visual and audio support that inspires, calms, educates; there is a comprehensive library of recommended reading.

The resources page offers a wealth of free and downloadable information to engage with, that is empowering, easily and directly available and under clear and straightforward headings, for example - Overcoming Fears, Phobias and Anxiety; Beating Depression; Meditation and Relaxation; the Power of Choice; Rebuilding Confidence.

The site is easy to manoeuvre around, has clear and easy connections between associated information and offers the latest (and ancient) thinking on how the mind and body work and how we can truly help ourselves and others towards a place of health in mind, body and spirit and to a life that is worth living and where we can feel we are truly and positively contributing. I'd like to thank Easton Hamilton and The Reach Approach team for their fabulous work. So much of what they offer is absolutely free.

The Reach Approach