Having spent most of my adult life travelling across the globe, thinking of myself as really important in my role as a troubleshooter, helping organizations make best use of their human and economic resources, I could never have imagined myself, given my confidence, background and skills, ever needing to sit in front of a therapist looking for help. And yet, that's exactly where I found myself. After the breakdown of my marriage, and being made redundant, all within a few months of each other, my world and confidence came crashing down.

I'll always be grateful for that initial referral to Jo Kilburn of The Reach Approach. Jo was very kind, calm and knowledgeable. I was continually surprised by the ease with which she reported on a range of mind and body health matters. As someone who had to hold a lot of data in my own head for the work that I did, I couldn't help but be impressed by the ease with which she did this. This instilled a confidence in the information she was offering me and a bond of trust grew.

12 months on, I feel back in control of my life. Jo introduced me to some fantastic resources. Order Creates Peace was one such example-it encouraged me to de-clutter and remove the chaos both from my head and my physical space. The Power of Choice helped me to remember no matter what we are faced with, we always have a choice about how we respond-such a wonderfully liberating idea!

There's far too much to list here, but for those interested in finding out more, take a look at their fabulous website, Its' so generous, I couldn't believe how many free resources are available. Thank you Jo and thanks to The Reach Approach for its wonderful, clear and kind philosophy.

Carlton Francis

The Reach Approach