At you will find an abundance of uplifting and comprehensive information on how to be well, in mind, body and spirit. Have a look at Reach's 'Story of Health' - its mind-blowing! It manages to encompass every aspect of our life and explains the relevance and impact of each area and how in turn they affect our wellbeing.

For instance, if I am not drinking enough water, my memory and concentration are impaired, as well as my body being dehydrated and sluggish; every single thought I have has a chemical reaction in the brain which impacts on both the psychological me and the physical me. The impact can be good or it can be bad.

It also explains the benefits of looking at every area of our lives including work, exercise, having fun, diet, relationships, a sense of fulfilment, forgiveness and so much more... 'The Story of Health' shows the many choices on offer to us in order to make our lives better and the how and why. It's very exciting! I now realise I do have many, many choices - that really helps me feel I have a very strong say in how happy and healthy I am.

There is so much help at hand - loads of inspiring videos and self-help activities to follow and hundreds of information sheets and recommended books should you wish to delve deeper. You can't lose - take a look!

The Reach Approach